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FREE Acne Laser Pen


Blue light therapy acne treatment

Clinically proven by American medicine, you will experience the maximum reduction in acne lesion and symptoms of inflammation after treatment. Fights redness, swelling, inflammation, and clear acne blemishes.

Promote a combination of protein and bone collagen, activate the skin, tighten loose skin. Effectively inhibit acne bacillus and improve red spot, oily skin and heavy sensitive skin, shrink pore, remove acne.

Using the specific 415nm blue light in the visible light to kill the bacteria in the skin and pores. The stability of the 42 degrees heat and BIO micro electric current can effectively reduce the grease of pimples so that to accelerate the natural die of pimples. 

Experience a deluxe clinical treatment at the comfort of your home!

Skin Rejuvenation

✔Skin Tightening

Dead Skin Removal

Promote a combination of protein and bone collagen

Effectively inhibit acne bacillus

Improve red spot, oily skin, and heavy sensitive skin, shrink pores.

Removes acne

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